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Choose it to lose weight ! Focused Ultrasound Cavitation and Vacuum for fat removal
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Product: Views:85Choose it to lose weight ! Focused Ultrasound Cavitation and Vacuum for fat removal 
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  Focused Ultrasound Cavitation and Vacuum for fat removal


RL-DG a treatment that uses the action of ultrasounds to reduce localised adiposity and cellulite.

RL-DG emits a powerful double beam of low-frequency modulated ultrasound waves (20 Khz- 60 Khz) on a 1 MHz carrier thus guaranteeing excellent results in a non-invasive, safe and completely painless manner.

Each ultrasound is capable of emitting a mean power of 3 W/cm2 with peaks that can reach as high as 30 W/cm2.
The handpiece uses vacuum technology which lifts the adipose tissue on which the ultrasounds will act, preserving the underlying tissues and thus enhancing the effectiveness and safety of the treatment which focuses only on the area involved.
The major reduction effect that can be achieved on localised adiposity and cellulite is given by the cavitation phenomenon, provided that the treatment is performed with low-frequency ultrasounds and adequate power.
The ultrasound frequency is the parameter that affects the wave penetration depth and hence its action. The lower the frequency, the deeper the penetration.

Very low frequencies produce a cavitation effect that damages the adipose cells causing them to gradually break up; of course, the extent of the effect also depends on the ultrasound power


The Focus ultrasound technology is alleged to deliver several plus points. Firstly, as mentioned before, this procedure can achieve safe and targeted fat removal while not bringing about harm to surrounding tissues or nerves. In addition, its non-invasive design guarantees the absence of post-operational marks and the lack of the use of anesthesia. Body contouring after the operation has no irregularities, while the recovery is quick. Finally, the fact that the fat cells are eliminated means that the patient can maintain his / her results in the long run.



Focus ultrasound Feature

The focused ultrasound systems adopts two emission source poles focused by a especial angle and then two ultrasound wavelength from two different ways generate uncredible energy,deliver low intensity ultrasound waves via a hand held device across the skin surface. The ultrasonic waves focus their energy in the subcutaneous fat. The sound waves hit the fat cells under the skin, causing them vibrate and break up the cell membranes. The destroyed fat cells are then carried to the liver, wher they are metabolized. The procedure is performed in quiet environment, lasts about 30 minutes, and requires no anesthesia or sedation. After the treatment, patients would be able to resume their daily routines.


Massage the skin and muscle by unique dissociated suction head with negative air pressure, improving the flows of fluid among body cell, increasing the cell's movement to active them and elastic skin. While accelerating the blood circulation of capillary, it excretes the excess toxins out of body through the normal circulation of the lymphatic system, reducing the possibility chance to form the pigment and color spot.


Parameter :

Ultrasound Operation Frenquency200+/-30Khz
Input Voltage110-120v or 200-240v
RF-Vacuum Frequency

0.8, 2MHz

Powerup to 50w
Dimensions (H*L*W)


Net weight25kg
Ultrasound Transducer

Less than 2.5kg

Vacuum ApplicatorLess than 1kg



Packaging & Shipping


  Warranty& Service:

1.One-year warranty for the mainframe without charges for components change or repairing.

   Lifetime maintenance without any charge for repair fee. only fees to change parts.

2.Free training for operation of the equipment in our company, which provided by our specialized training department.

3.On-line services, for example, technical consultancies provided by our skilled technique group concerning any question of the laser equipment, and after-sale maintenance and more.

4.OEM/ODM services are available. We have our own developing and design department and manufacturing line, which ensure your required beauty equipment.



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